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Fargan teacher has been helping students get high scores from standardized tests more than 7 years. During this period, over thousand students got into their dream colleges for both their undergraduate and graduate studies — you, sure, will be one of them. To succeed, students always need the right environment, and with his lessons, Mr.Fargan creates perfect atmosphere for students to discover their otherwise latent talents. Thus, If you want to achieve high scores from SAT/ACT and GRE/GMAT, Mr. Fargan is right here to help you.

Fakhri Guluzada

Mr.Guluzada is an enthusiastic teacher who very much enjoys sharing his knowledge. He excels at explaining complex concepts and challenging questions in an accessible style. Thanks to his communication skills - which are based on respectfulness and empathy - students always feel safe to share their opinions. Add a sense of humor to this equation, and you have an excellent learning environment. Mr.Guluzada is a lifelong learner and strives to instill this mindset in his students. He had plenty of students who achieved their goals on the SAT exam and is sure that many more are on their way to success.

Sarkhan Jafarzada

IELTS,TOEFL,General English,Academic English
Mr.Sarkhan is an experienced and certified English teacher with 5+ years experience. He's specialized in teaching English for TOEFL, IELTS and Academic General English, as well as English for students of different levels. He is a very good communicator and finds it easy to make you enjoy your classes. His patience, experience, and the right strategy can make anyone succeed beyond their goals. English language has become an essential asset of the modern human, in both personal and professional terms, that’s why he is here to make you achieve your highest English level. Remember, you can become the best learner only with the best teachers.